The Art Of Seeing by Paul Wingler

The Art of Seeing is a forum set up by Master Photographic Crafstman Paul Wingler. With the coming of digital and the easy access to digital cameras and other hardware and software, Paul recognized the desire of many that wanted to become more proficient at taking photographs and in some cases desiring to become a serious, part time amateur or even a full time professional. So, Paul set up a site on Facebook called The Art of Seeing by Paul Wingler. Here, those wanting to learn more about the craft of photography, have “liked” his page and has been taking advantage of his 25 years of experience through free podcasts and various discussion on his page. Many questions are posed to Paul via email at

Today, Paul continues to conduct workshops and lectures internationally.

We invite you to look through the various programs and options available to a successful photographer.

Paul also has podcasts available for your listening pleasure at The Art of Seeing