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Friday, August 04, 2017
By Paul Wingler Photography
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Good morning friends.  Seems like when I’m teaching or lecturing, I constantly refer to looking or seeing beyond the obvious.  What is in that image you see that most others would overlook? Is that image trying to convey something that is being missed because the viewer is noticing only the obvious and not looking deeper into that image?  I don’t generally consider myself a “deep thinker” but when I am looking or studying a subject to photograph, I do have a tendency to look at or for symbolism.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and “wiser” or maybe I have photographed so many of the things that are obvious that I’m looking for something more meaningful in my work.  Anyway, Shipwrecked is one of my many works that appears to be just another boat that has been stranded in shallow water that has some interest. It was a beautiful, tranquil scene, but again, looking beyond the obvious, what was this image trying to tell me? Symbolism and lessons began to arise from this old “useless” boat.  As we get older, we sometimes may get the feeling that we have nothing else to offer, we are “useless”.  We also may feel our old bones are just giving out and can’t support the body any longer.  Maybe we feel like we no longer have the energy to travel or be of help to anyone.  Then I see this boat. I see a vessel that, I’m sure at one time, carried people from destination to destination.  It may have been the vessel that brought in tons of fish that helped feed the hungry.  It simply many have been a boat that brought pleasure to friends and families.  But today, it lays on its side, unable to move the way it used to; unable to be of any use to anyone or in anyway.  Or so it seems.  I see that it brings visual pleasure to many that pass by.  I see the strength that it has by standing fast through its rope that is anchored to the rocks.  I see its ability to hold together through the storms that pass through.  Though the boards may appear old and falling apart, each board supports the other, maintaining the visual structure of this vessel.  Although I don’t see it on the surface, I can imagine the help it lends to the sea creatures below; lending shelter and, in some instances, protection from those that are predators. This boat could have just as easily been tossed out to sea, only to be destroyed and be of little or no use to anyone or anything.  Its anchor and rope helped keep this boat in place to fulfil a purpose. I am reminded by this image that we All have a purpose…and a good, solid anchor is a must to help keep us in place so we can fulfil our purpose.


Archival Pigmented Ink on Archival Photo Rag paper

Limit Edition

$1,325. - $8,400.  


40”x60”….. $8,400.   4 in Edition

32”x48”….. $5,400.     4 in Edition

20”x30”…..$2,100.     8 in Edition

16”x24”….. $1,325.     10 in Edition


(Prices Do Not Include Tax, Shipping or Handling)


A copy of this image can be purchased at the Venvi Art Gallery, which represents my art work.  You may call the gallery at 850-322-0965 or you may email them at If you’re in the Tallahassee area, please feel free to stop by their gallery at 2901 E. Park Ave., Tallahassee, FL. And ask about other works I offer there.



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