Fiery Sunset
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Thursday, July 27, 2017
By Paul Wingler Photography
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Fiery Sunset

Good morning friends. I wanted to share another image that grabbed when I was at the island
of Roatán, Honduras. This tranquil evening scene was beautiful in itself but those who know me
know that I can’t just leave things alone. I took the image into Adobe Photoshop and tweaked
the exposure, contrast and saturation. I then took it into Corel Painter and applied various
brush techniques to achieve this image. I then went through one final adjustment in Photoshop
that would translate the feel and look of the image that would be presented on metal.

Fiery Sunset

Archival Pigmented Ink on Metal


Print Ready to Hang on Wall…..$550.

(Prices Do Not Include Tax, Shipping or Handling)


A copy of this image can be purchased at the Venvi Art Gallery, which represents my art work.  You may call the gallery at 850-322-0965 or you may email them at Or, go to go to the website at l and check out all of my work at that site. If you’re in the Tallahassee area, please feel free to stop by their gallery at 2901 E. Park Ave., Tallahassee, FL. and ask about other works I offer there.



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