Friday, August 04, 2017

ShipwreckedGood morning friends.  Seems like when I’m teaching or lecturing, I constantly refer to looking or seeing beyond the obvious.  What is in that image you see that most others would overlook? Is that image trying to convey something that is being missed because the viewer is noticing only the obvious and not looking deeper into that image?  I don’t generally consider myself a “deep thinker” but when I am looking or studying a subject to photograph, I do have a tendency to look at or for symbolism.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and “wiser” or maybe I have photographed so many of the things that are obvious ...

Fiery Sunset
Thursday, July 27, 2017

 Fiery SunsetGood morning friends. I wanted to share another image that grabbed when I was at the islandof Roatán, Honduras. This tranquil evening scene was beautiful in itself but those who know meknow that I can’t just leave things alone. I took the image into Adobe Photoshop and tweakedthe exposure, contrast and saturation. I then took it into Corel Painter and applied variousbrush techniques to achieve this image. I then went through one final adjustment in Photoshopthat would translate the feel and look of the image that would be presented on metal. Fiery SunsetArchival Pigmented Ink on Metal12x18Print Ready to Hang on Wall…..$550.(Prices Do Not Include ...

Tree of Life
Monday, July 17, 2017

Tree of LifeGood morning friends. Last week I mentioned that lots of cool things happen when you takeyour images into a software and begin to play. This is another play time that rendered a verycool image. And, I had mentioned I would, at some point, introduce presenting an image onanother substrate…metal. What began as an image of a reflection for an exhibition at the VenviArt Gallery in Tallahassee, has been taken into Corel Painter and painted over the image of thereflection. The brush strokes over the rippling reflections and the saturation of the colorsrenders a very beautiful converging art piece on metal print. Tree of Life Archival Pigmented Ink on Metal16x24Print ...

Abstract of Good and Evil
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Abstract of Good and Evil Good morning friends. Sometimes very cool things happen when one just plays around with animage. This was the case of this week’s image “Abstract of Good and Evil”. It was a prettystraightforward winter scene but taking the image to Photoshop and playing with coloradjustments and saturation kept taking me to another place. I wasn’t quite satisfied with thetype of work that I would typically do. So I did something different. That’s right. Prior to takingthe image to Corel Painter, I did a reversal of the image (taking a positive to a negative image).With that one change, it created an off balance tension for me. I then took that to ...

Crossing the RIver
Monday, June 26, 2017

Crossing the River  Hello Friends! I must admit that I have been on an incredible journey through the arts.As a musician, photographer/artist, I have been taken to areas to work that I could never haveimagined. This image, Crossing the River, reminds me of the need to be bold, courageous andwilling to take a leap of faith. While traveling to the La Moskitia region of Honduras, this familywas taking a risk to pack their belongings on this truck, pull it upon this wooden raft and pulledacross the river so they could continue their journey to their next destination. To me this imageexemplifies what a journey can be; courage, strength, fear, boldness, faith, and yes, ...