Crossing the RIver
Monday, June 26, 2017
Crossing the RIver

Crossing the River  Hello Friends! I must admit that I have been on an incredible journey through the arts.As a musician, photographer/artist, I have been taken to areas to work that I could never haveimagined. This image, Crossing the River, reminds me of the need to be bold, courageous andwilling to take a leap of faith. While traveling to the La Moskitia region of Honduras, this familywas taking a risk to pack their belongings on this truck, pull it upon this wooden raft and pulledacross the river so they could continue their journey to their next destination. To me this imageexemplifies what a journey can be; courage, strength, fear, boldness, faith, and yes, ...

Converging Art
Sunday, June 18, 2017
Crossing the RIver

Hello friends! I often am asked “what is Converging Art?” I have had many comethrough an exhibition or gallery asking me what does this term mean. My simple answer is: “It’s when traditional methods and modern technology come together to create a piece ofart”. So the next question typically asked is for an example of what this means. I begin toexplain this by saying I make an image with my digital camera, take into Photoshop for someediting and then with the use of Corel Painter, I select various brushes to “paint” and enhancethe image so that it has the final appearance of a traditional painting. To further give thatpainted feel, I will ...

Monday, June 12, 2017

Good morning to you. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the journey ofmy art through this blog. I have been in the portrait world for 30 plus years and I loved it. I guess I shouldsay love it since I’m still doing some of that. But as I have gone through myjourney I have had quite a ride. Capturing stories of families and their children tothe documentary work in the rain forests of Venezuela and Honduras; capturingthose slices of life that both bring pleasure to the owners of my work andeducating viewers that have viewed my body of works both nationally andinternationally. Today I will be embarking on a new journey. It will be focusing more onproducing fine art in my ...